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Get emotional wholeness with our range of massage treatments

Massage is one of Mankind’s oldest healing therapies, originating from the ancient East. It relaxes, comforts and soothes to restore calm, increase circulation, diminish muscle aches to leave you with a wonderful sense of emotional well being. Not only is it the ultimate treatment for stress reduction but the health giving benefits are also incredible and can successfully treat a myriad of ailments from headaches to insomnia.

At the Buty salon, our aim is to ensure you receive an unrivalled level of comfort and quality during our massage treatments and so we have created the ideal setting to make your experience as luxurious and indulgent as possible. From the relaxing ambience, perfect room temperature and delicious, soothing aromas...every detail has been taken into consideration for your pleasure.

Choose from our extensive menu of massage treatments including holistic body therapy, hot stone, deep tissue and aroma therapy techniques and from the moment you relax on one of our custom made couches, the healing touch of therapist will melt away the stresses and strains of the outside world and guide you gently into peaceful tranquility.


H&F News
Brits are renowned for being a shy, stiff-upper-lipped bunch, so why are we more likely to lie back and think of England as a stranger applies hot wax to our unmentionables than go for a body massage?...Full article >

Our Favourite Health Tip:
Aim for emotional wholeness. When you are upset or feeling sick, try to get to the bottom of your feelings. Figure out what’s really eating you, always tell the truth to yourself. Find appropriate, satisfying ways to express your emotions.
Dr Candace Pert
Celebrity massage fans range from Hollywood stars to Pop icons
Madonna is a fan of Yoga and Hot stone massage
Kylie Minogue
regularly enjoys
deep tissue
Gwyneth Paltrow likes
aroma therapy
Liz Hurley loves
all things Indian
including a
Head massage
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